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West African Vocational Schools is a Christian non-profit that works with people like you to help transform Guinea-Bissau, a largely overlooked part of the world struggling with poverty, drug smuggling and human trafficking. We believe education and job training are long-term solutions.

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Sponsor a teacher

Click here to learn how you can be a part of transforming Africa by sponsoring a teacher. When you sponsor a teacher, you’re sponsoring a whole classroom.

Special message from the prime minister

Guinea-Bissau's prime minister (and 1994 Fresno State graduate) Domingos Pereira shares a special message to people in the California Central Valley about the importance of investing in his country and its youth at this critical time in Guinea-Bissau's history.

Highlights from the 2014 WAVS Banquet

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and guests who helped make the 2014 WAVS Dinner Banquet on October 10 a huge success! You helped raise more than $44,000 in one night, ensuring that the WAVS School's Language Department will be fully funded for the next three years. Click here for highlights and photos of the dinner banquet.

Mario's story: He used to fear sharks

This is the story of how Mario went from being a fisherman in one of the world's smallest and poorest countries to becoming an English teacher with a promising future. His biggest fear used to be sharks. Now he dreams of helping develop his hometown.

"Investigating Tinkebell: A Case Study"

WAVS has just released its first mini-documentary, "Investigating Tinkebell: A Case Study of Charity in Africa" -- view the 9-minute short here and offer your feedback at info (at)

New video: A teacher's message

If you haven't had a chance already, watch this 2-minute special video message from one of the WAVS English teacher, Belinda. It's a great example of how WAVS is training its students to become future teachers!

How to speak Guinea-Bissau Creole

The primary language spoken in Guinea-Bissau is a Portuguese-based Creole. It’s a language unique to just Guinea-Bissau and its island neighbor Cape Verde. WAVS now has an audio-guided primer and a video lesson for learning some basic greetings in Creole. Click here to check out the audio-guided primer. Below is the video.

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