What We Do

We work with people like you to help transform Guinea-Bissau, a largely overlooked part of the world struggling with poverty, drug smuggling and human trafficking. We help support a vocational school that is training the country's future leaders, believing that education and job-skills training are long-term solutions.

Since it was founded in 2000, WAVS has been working in the town of Canchungo in Guinea-Bissau. In 2006, it helped establish a post-secondary school. Today, the school is run by an all-Guinean staff and has more than 100 students. Courses are offered in computer basics, auto mechanics, welding, sewing, English and French – courses that are in demand by people in the community and are designed to help students acquire marketable job skills.


The WAVS School is located in the town of Canchungo, about 70 kilometers northwest of the capital, Bissau. Click here to find out more about Guinea Bissau.

WAVS is a Christian nonprofit that works in Guinea-Bissau to equip women and men with life-changing job skills so they can transform their communities. Click here to find out more about the vision, mission, board, and staff of WAVS.

WAVS main project in Guinea-Bissau is supporting a vocational school that trains students in auto mechanics, welding, English, French, and computer basics. Click here to find out more about the school, the teachers, and the courses taught there.