Deusa's WAVS story: How her education gave her new opportunities and hope.


Deusa was nervous. It was her first day at the WAVS School’s computer basics class and she wasn’t even sure how to hold a computer mouse. But she was confident that she would learn.

After all, her friends who graduated from the WAVS School were now able to speak English, conduct research using the Internet, and create PowerPoint presentations. She imagined how much better she could do her job as a local radio journalist if she, too, had those same skills.

“The reason why I enrolled was because I saw that the students who studied there succeeded and are now using their skills,” Deusa said.

Deusa applying her computer skills

Deusa applying her computer skills

Six months later, Deusa completed her course. A computer mouse no longer intimidated her.

Now, Deusa is able to type up her stories to be read on the radio instead of writing them out by hand. She is also able to search the Internet for news and report it to her community.

And thanks to her new Excel skills, Deusa was also hired to help keep track of a United Nations school-feeding program in surrounding villages. Every day, she collects data from the villages and returns to her office to enter the information into her spreadsheet.

“The skills I learned are helping me a lot,” Deusa said. “It’s very important to have this school here. It’s a blessing.”

The education that Deusa received at the WAVS School has given her new opportunities and hope. This holiday season, we invite you to give students, like Deusa, the same opportunity. Help us train 100 students with life-changing job skills in the first semester of 2018. Each student pays tuition for the courses they take, but this only covers about 25% of the total cost each semester. Help raise $10,000 before the end of December to cover the remaining costs of the courses for these dedicated students. Any amount you give will help reach this goal.

Give the gift of Education.

Give Opportunity. Give Hope.

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