An interview with the WAVS School director

Lili Mané is the director of the WAVS School and he's proud of what the school has accomplished in the decade it has served the town of Canchungo.

"The courses we are offering have a lot of benefit for the community," Lili said. "It's the only center here in the town of Canchungo that offers this kind of training, so the students can learn to do something in their own villages or towns. ... A lot of people who were trained here in auto mechanics or welding are now working and taking care of their own families."

But Lili also knows that the school's impact goes beyond equipping students with job skills. The school also serves as a platform for its Christian teachers to invest in the spiritual growth of their students.

"The WAVS School believes that to train somebody just to have skills is not enough; it's goal is also to bring people to Christ," Lili said. "That's why in the first 10 minutes of class, we share the word of God, pray together and help each other."

Watch Lili's full interview in the video above.

Lili and his staff are able to invest in the lives of WAVS School students thanks to Teacher Sponsors who help keep tuition affordable while allowing the school to grow and improve every year.

Today, you can sponsor a WAVS School teacher and give young women and men in Guinea-Bissau the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty using their own skills and abilities.