A graduation ceremony we won't forget

As I was moving around the room snapping photos – kneeling on the cement for the best angle, making my way to the back for a better view, standing on a chair for wide shot – I suddenly had to stop. Just to take it all in. These students were happy. Really happy. In a culture where it’s normal not to smile for photos, their faces were glowing.

[To see more graduation photos, click here]

WAVS held a graduation ceremony for nearly 100 students on Jan. 7 – including 8 students in our sewing program, 14 from the auto mechanics course, and 77 from the computer basics classes. Thanks to WAVS supporters like you, these students will be able to use their skills to create a better future for their families and community.

The ceremony seemed more like a party than anything else – and it wasn’t just because of the cake and soda we all enjoyed afterward. Many students brought along family, friends and spouses to witness their proud moment of accomplishment. There was lots of clapping and cheering. The local governor spoke about how the WAVS school has become a critical asset to the community.

We also used the ceremony to introduce our new school director, Almamo Danfa. He spoke about the importance of pursuing an education in Guinea-Bissau.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible, especially the generous supporters of WAVS. To see more pictures of the ceremony, click here.