A letter from a student

On my last day in Canchungo, one of the school’s English students handed me a hand-written letter in an envelope that she wanted me to share with the WAVS Board. No one asked her to write it, but she wanted to let us know about the tangible impacts the school is having on her life.

The letter is from 15-year-old Custodia Nhaga, one of the handful of local high school students who are also enrolled at the WAVS vocational school. It’s an inspiring example of how WAVS is bringing hope to Guinea-Bissau. You can read the whole thing in its original form here. I’ve also typed it up below:
Custodia Uedina Nhaga

Subject: Sentiment and Recognition

My name is Custodia Uedina Nhaga, I’m fifteen years old, I’m a student in Liceu Regional Ho-Chi-Min at 10thclass in the first group, and I’m in Language School at Flame [the WAVS vocational school]. I study English and Informatica [computer basics] there.

I live in a house with my family, my mother, my father, my three sisters and one brother. I’m the second child. I speak Portuguese, a little French, and now I’m learning English. But I love it because it is interesting to me. My favourite language is English. Why? Because I have a big vision in this learning.

So, I feel in the depths of my heart, I want to speak and write English as the vehicle of success, peace and favour in the world. It’s very important because it helps me a lot on acquisition of wisdom and knowledge in the world of the learning the Lord Father our creator.

I have immense pleasure to thank you from the depths of my heart and I wish you the peace and joy in your work and in the rest of your family. I hope you are well healthy and always know our esteem and friendship.

I want to be the friend of all students in America, the teachers, etc …

Thanks very much
Hug and kiss from
Custodia Uedina Nhaga
Good Bye!!