A turning point in Guinea-Bissau -- we hope

Guinea-Bissau recently finished the preliminary round of presidential elections – its first free vote since the military coup two years ago.

Dear friends,

LAST MONTH I ASKED YOU to please pray for Guinea-Bissau and the country’s upcoming elections. I’m happy to tell you that the elections went smoothly and peacefully – a step in the right direction!

The courageous people of Guinea-Bissau went to the polls on April 13 to turn their battered country around after decades of military coups and instability. Despite several reported beatings at the hands of the military in recent months, more than 80% of registered voters showed up to usher in an elected government.

This incredible turnout made a powerful statement: Guineans are ready for change. And we’re ready to work with them to bring about that change – through job skills training, a stronger economy, and the chance at a sustainable future for every family.

Long lines formed early on April 13 as voters flocked to the polls to bring change to Guinea-Bissau.

The two presidential candidates who won the most votes last month, Jose Mario Vaz (who received 41% of the vote) and Nuno Nabiam (who received 25% of the vote), will face a runoff election on May 18.

Please pray for a continued peaceful elections process.

If you would like to partner with us to help Guinea-Bissau during this critical time in its history, please consider making a special, one-time donation on Tuesday. All donations made through this link on Tuesday, May 6, will be partially matched and stretched further.

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers and support.
Chris Collins
WAVS Executive Director