Another update on Guinea-Bissau coup

First of all, thank you for all the emails and Facebook posts asking me how I’m doing here in Guinea-Bissau and for all your prayers. They’re very much appreciated.  I thought I would share a quick update about the situation. 

The biggest immediate concern is a potential cash and fuel shortage here in the capital that could cause some civil unrest, though right now everything is very calm and street traffic, etc. is pretty normal. There’s not much of a military presence and the curfew isn’t really being enforced. I was able to travel from Canchungo to Bissau without any problems at all.

The biggest non-immediate concern is a potential foreign intervention – an UN or AU or West African peacekeeping force. There seems to be a decent chance this could happen since the military and the international community both are not backing down from their stances. But any peacekeeping force wouldn’t arrive until next month, most likely. And there’s still a lot of talking that’s going on, so maybe some type of agreement will be reached before then.

The British Embassy is recommending that all its citizens leave the country now, but no word from the US Embassy at this point. However, the situation is pretty calm right now and my gas tank is full, in case I need to leave on short notice.

The interesting thing I’m finding is that every Guinean I’ve talked is actually in favor of a peacekeeping force, even though they know it may lead to conflict.

Thanks again for all your prayers.