From Handwritten to Electronic Records

By Holly Collins, WAVS Board Advisor
April 26, 2016

Ernesto Batica Ferreira

Profession: Director de Eschola 1 de Junho
Studies at School: Computers
Age: 60 years old
Interviewed at the 1st of June School in his office

Batica Ferreria, a 60-year-old school director, shows off shelves full of binders with hand-written names and test scores. This is how Batica keeps track of his students’ records in his small primary school. He is often here until late at night recording student data.

But that may soon change. Batica recently completed a computer basics course at the WAVS School so that he can be ready to switch over to an electronic records system once the school sets up its computer lab. He can’t wait.

“I didn’t know anything about computers before this course,” Batica said. “But now I know all about computers.”

Batica’s says he’s thankful that the WAVS School is serving a wide range of students – from young teenagers preparing for university studies to established professionals who need more training.

“The school is helping many people in Canchungo,” he said. “People can go to the school and pay just a small tuition fee and learn. I thank God because of the school.”