From Student to teacher ...

I want to share some exciting news about one of the students at the WAVS school.

You may remember Belinda – she is the WAVS student featured in our video released earlier this year. I also wrote about her in a story that ran in the Fresno Bee in October. Belinda is a soft-spoken and hard-working young woman who has endured the loss of two siblings earlier this year. Still, she continues to study English while teaching at an elementary school and doing odd jobs to help her family.

Today, I’m happy to say, Belinda is now teaching one of the English classes at the WAVS school. And she’s doing a fantastic job. I visited her class a few days ago and was surprised at how well the students speak English after just two months of classes with Belinda. The class has a lot of fun but is also very serious about learning a language that will open up job opportunities for them here in West Africa.

This is exactly what WAVS is all about: Giving people important skills so that they can better their own lives. And it’s even more exciting to see this become self-perpetuating – students becoming teachers who train more students.

Join me in congratulating Belinda. If you’d like to talk with her yourself, she’ll be attending the WAVS Live Webcast on Saturday morning, Dec. 3, at 10 a.m. PST.