Guinea-Bissau's Got Talent

There were no bright lights, celebrity judges, or million-dollar prizes. Still, it was clear that Guinea-Bissau’s got talent.

On April 7, at an exhibition organized by WAVS school director Almamo Danfa, our students offered a crowd of 100 people – including local government officials and special guests from the capital city – a true talent show. The young women in the sewing program showed off their carefully-crafted sewing items. The language students sang songs in English. The computer students showed the audience how to use Skype. And the auto-mechanic students … well, they hauled in an engine and, with a loud roar, showed everyone how to start it.

After the smoke cleared and the crowd regained its hearing, everyone applauded. The students, meanwhile, beamed with pride.

For me, it was another reminder of why the school’s work is so important. In a country where nearly 7 out of 10 people live on less than $2 a day and 85% of the population lives mostly from farming, it’s critical that we work together to give students here new skills – skills that will give them and their families a better future, not just win a talent show.

Please join me in congratulating the students on a job well done. And if you would like to make a special one-time contribution toward helping the school grow, don’t forget that your donation will be stretched further when you give on May 2 for Seattle’s Give Big day.