How one young student learned more than just English in Mario’s class

By Chris Collins, Executive Director

When Mario Djedjo, the WAVS School’s English instructor, first got to know his 14-year-old neighbor, Victor, he invited him to enroll in the WAVS School so he could learn English.

Even though few people in Guinea-Bissau speak English, Mario knows that the language can open up new opportunities for young people and connect them with the rest of the world.

“So I asked Victor, ‘Why not study English?’” Mario said.

Victor was eager to learn, but his father wouldn’t let him.

“So I went to speak with his father and he said that the problem was money,” Mario said. “He couldn’t pay for private high school and pay for the WAVS School’s English class at the same time. So I told him that the course is not expensive – just 5,000 cefa (about $8.50) per month.”

Victor’s father was surprised to find out he could afford English classes for his son and he immediately signed him up.Two years later, Victor has worked his way through four levels of English and is now in his 5th and final level. He’s one of Mario’s favorite students.

But the story doesn’t end there.

“What really moved me in my heart was that four months ago, I started a Bible study in my house,” Mario said. “Victor was one of the first that I invited. At first he didn’t come, but after a while he started to attend. Now he never misses a day. This is the beginning of something for him to learn about Jesus. Once I asked him if he wanted to become Jesus’ friend and he ‘Yes, of course.’”

Join us in thanking Mario for having such a huge impact on the lives of young people in his community!