I realized last night that I was going to need another external hard drive to store photos and video for the next two months, so I asked the concerierge at my hotel where I could find an electronics store. He sent me to downtown Lisbon. I didn’t find an electronics store there, but I did find some stunning architecture and a lot of cobblestone roads. Definitely a fun place to hang out. I also had four people offer to sell me marijuana or cocaine. I said “nao” to drugs.

Thankfully, I made some friends at a museaum I visited and they told me how to get to the main mall in town (Lisbon has a pretty convenient and quick metro system). The mall wasn’t dissapointing – much more lively than Manchester or Riverpark (or Northgate/Alderwood, for my Seattle friends). Using my broken Portuguese that I had studied on my Kindle while eating fried mackerel and rice last night, I was able to find the right store and buy an external hard drive. Now I think I’m set. Flying to Bissau in five hours…