Interview with a coup leader

Guinea-Bissau blogger and journalist Antonio Aly Silva has a very interesting interview with the coup spokesman, Daba Na Walna. Here’s the interview (Google translated version):

In Walna Daba, spokesman for the military seized power in Guinea-Bissau denies link to the candidate Kumba Ialá. And he justifies arrest of Prime Minister Gomes Junior, as a way to avoid being killed. Lieutenant-Colonel, but also a lawyer, a doctoral student at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, in Walna Daba, 46, is called the face of the military command that caused the April 12 coup in Bissau.In a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, said the military had nothing to do with the political future of Prime Minister and presidential candidate, Carlos Gomes Junior. “What we said is we do not create complications we do not send foreign troops secretly.” Asked about the role of Antonio Indjai, Chief of Staff in Action coup, says: “Not that I know is a member of Command” . AUDIENCE: What is the result of the contacts maintained that the military command in recent days with the committee of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) which was in Bissau? In Walna Daba: It was a technical committee, came to discuss issues relating to the removal Angolan forces, making such withdrawal. We have not reached consensus on some aspects, including the deployment of an ECOWAS force comprised 600 men to oversee the withdrawal of Angolan troops. We understand that deciding on the deployment of forces beyond our competence as military. Once a government is formed, you can make decisions. [We noted] Parliament, to speak with the president of the Assembly, the only person still working. We were told that they had no mandate to speak to politicians, who lacked authorization. We are waiting. How will you get out of this? There is an international isolation. By means of negotiation. There is a window that was opened by ECOWAS. And I know the Security Council [UN] referred the case to the ECOWAS negotiations. We wait. Surely they will send a technical team to discuss with us and the political class methods of solution to the crisis. What would the deployment of an ECOWAS-led force. That would be acceptable to you? We are not opposed to the arrival of troops who came to supervise the withdrawal of Angolan troops. Neither said yes. So just say that we have no jurisdiction in this matter. A possible deployment of forces will be decided by the government to form from the solution in conjunction with ECOWAS. days ago said that an international force would be perceived as invasive. There is a change of position. We are saying that once formed the Government, if it comes to the conclusion that fits the sending of a force and Parliament adopt, if institutions accept the Republic, who are we to deny? What was said at the time that sending that Angola tried to unilaterally achieve without being held with the relevant policies of Guinea, would be an invasion. In the words of George Chicoty [Foreign Minister Luanda] should be a kind of therapy for Guinea. If political entities come to the conclusion that must accept the conclusion that Parliament must accept is fine. What we said Carlos Gomes Junior, for the request set [for sending an international force] was that it should have been discussed in Parliament and the Council of Ministers. In Portugal, Cavaco Silva and Passos Coelho can not send forces to go without it being discussed in Cabinet or approved in Parliament. Was all he said. But due to the coup, the institutions, including the Government, are not in office. What justification is, after all, for the coup? I said, and returned to repeat now, that was the secret CHARTER which was written to send for foreign forces to provide appropriate therapy to the Armed Forces of Guinea. The lady in my place would accept it? Try to act in self-defense. Do you really believe there was an agreement between the governments of Guinea and Angola to “annihilate” the Guinean Armed Forces? said I do not believe there is. I said that there is a letter. This letter is confirmed, existe.O coup interrupted the electoral process for president. There was coordination with candidates? There are allusions to a connection with Kumba Ialá [the second most votes in the first round, behind Gomes Junior]. This is speculation. To my knowledge, there is no connection to the dr. Kumba Ialá, nor is there reason to be. Do not we work on demand. Do not you think the best solution would be the resumption of the electoral process and the soldiers returned to barracks? I have nothing against. [About this] did not say anything.Said is that we are against sending forces here. As for the electoral process will be up to politicians to decide what they think proper. The military command does not preclude the continuation of the electoral process? is a political issue, not for the military. For the Prime Minister’s intransigence, a rejection. R - Rejection in what sense? Gomes Junior was arrested. There is opposition to return to his post. No one says that. We have nothing to do with the political future of Gomes Junior. As an entrepreneur, if you want to continue their business life [to continue]. As a politician to do so within the PAIGC. What we have said, is not [want] to create complications we do not send foreign troops secretly. If you have to do this that do obey the Constitution and other laws of the Republic.There is no opposition to resume political activity? This is a political issue that will be discussed. Not with us. With Gomes Junior, with his party, with opposition politicians, not with the military. We have nothing to do with his political life. He is a citizen and is free of politics. There is no opposition to its action as prime minister? You are detained for any reason. are detained because otherwise would adhere to its plans for the coming of the troops. Why is not released now? We are unable to release it. There is no government capable of ensuring security. Once it is created, and there is a minister, we will. You do not know is not here. [There is] a wave of opposition to Carlos Gomes Junior, he has killed many people, politically ordered some murders. It’s not me who says it is the wing of the PAIGC [African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, the Government away by the military] which came into confrontation with the wing supporter of it. If now rid Carlos Gomes Junior, imagine that [someone] took the opportunity to kill him. Who was responsible? We would not be us? You are in our custody, but so is government formed will be released immediately.What is the situation of detainees, the prime minister and interim President Raimundo Pereira? There were reports that Gomes Junior was tortured. It’s a lie. The Red Cross has said there is no torture, but the press likes to lie. are being provided to you drugs? are. Red Cross already visited Gomes Jr. three or four times. No torture anyone. We hear in the press that was seen here to bleed. It was said that she was with us in negotiating with ECOWAS. This country is a country of intrigue and the press comes to pick up the lies that circulate around. It is false. How many people are being held? Only three [the Acting President, the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Veterans, Fode Cassama]. I hear hundreds or dozens of people detained, harassed, intimidated. Here in Bissau people organize demonstrations, the press speaks out against the coup, the press speaks ill of the military. We just listen and shut up. This is not a state of repression. We try to keep the widest possible range of fundamental freedoms.What we did was a legitimate defesa.Foi announced a transitional council. He became a name for advanced transitional President, Serifo Nhamadjo. As far as we know were not named. There was a change of plans? are speculations are hypothetical musings. The appointments, the names are musings? coisíssima There was no appointment. We have a commitment to ECOWAS. We are waiting to be able to present our proposal, the proposal that the parties arrived here. But ECOWAS may also submit a proposal to be discussed to arrive at a consensus graceful way out of this crisis. There is nothing decided on the formation of government or … The names referred to the President and to the board in how we get there? What is the public were not named. There were even calls?It runs on whose behalf he launched rumors. When a journalist asked him if he speaks as President of transition or as interim president of the Assembly, Serifo Nhamadjo said he was not sworn in and no one invited him to this position. It is true that these names have been considered? No. It may be one of the hypotheses raised there, but ultimately, as I said, we’re waiting for ECOWAS. As we move forward with proposals to ECOWAS and names not listed here? At this point who assumes the file is Guinea-Bissau ECOWAS, there is nothing decided.You have given voice given to man. It is the face of the coup. It is also the leader? I’m a spokesman. Who is the leader? The leader is the Command. Military Command. That is also the General Staff of the Armed Forces, correct? has the freedom to make the interpretation [you want]. I said Command, now you want to expand to reach the General Staff. I’m asking you to clarify. Staff is one thing, is another command. There is no confusion. I told you the command. What is the role of Lieutenant General Antonio Indjai? Where, at the level of command? Yes, yes. To my knowledge, is not a member of the Command. You know. He is Chief of Staff. This is his role. E is in office? It got to be told that he was under arrest. So far there has been appointed new chief of staff. He is the Chief of Staff. PUBLIC