Joao:  Pastor & Student

By Holly Collins, WAVS Board Advisor
April 26, 2016

Joao Mendes

Profession: Pastor of Evangelical Church
Studies at School: Level 3 English
Age: - 
Interviewed at the WAVS school

Pastor João  Mendes knows that a lack of access to education can lead to a lack of hope.

He grew up in a small village in Guinea-Bissau where the local public school provided education only up to 6th grade. His family left the village when he was 10 years old and João was able to continue his studies. Eventually, he became a pastor and has now planted his own church.

In the meantime, João is also studying English at the WAVS School so that he can communicate with missionaries and read English-language books. He’s thankful that young people in the surrounding villages can attend the WAVS School, as well, and take advantage of an opportunity he didn’t have when he was younger. The students often walk or bike several miles to the school each day.

“In this region, there is no other school like it,” João said. “The school helps many people envision a better future. They can gain skills that help them make a living.”