Meet two WAVS graduates: Domingos Djedjo and Alexandre Camola

It’s not easy to get a reliable, paying job in Guinea-Bissau. Even the country’s port authority is often broke and unable to pay its own workers. But that hasn’t stopped WAVS School graduates Domingos Djedjo and Alexandre Camola from trying.

Domingos, 28, and Alexandre, 24, graduated from the WAVS auto mechanics program in June 2014. Using its connections with local businesses and government agencies, WAVS arranged for them to intern at Guinea-Bissau’s port authority, where they have been working alongside experienced mechanics to repair port vehicles and maintain heavy machinery. The internships are unpaid, but Domingos and Alexandre are just glad to be working – somewhere.

“It’s because of the training we received at the school that we can work here and have this opportunity,” said Alexandre, a father supporting his wife and two young girls. “The people here see us working hard and recognize how well-trained we are. This means the future is very promising and there’s a possibility that I will be able to work here full-time.”

Domingos, who prior to his training at the WAVS School had only completed basic primary school, said the mixture of theory and hands-on training he received with WAVS mechanics program prepared him for this internship.

“I learned a lot at the school,” Domingos said. “It will help me in the future.”

Tomorrow, for one day only, you can give other young people like Domingos and Alexandre this same opportunity – the chance to gain a skill, find work, and create a brighter future for themselves. Your generous one-time gift to the WAVS mechanics program will keep tuition affordable for young people in Guinea-Bissau who want to work their way out of poverty.

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Guinea-Bissau’s youth are ready. Give them the opportunity.

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