Meet WAVS Student Delfina Domingos

By Holly Collins, WAVS Board Advisor
April 26, 2016

Delfina Domingos

Profession: Student
Age: 23 Years Old
Studies at school: Currently Level 4 English with Mario
Interviewed at her home in Bario Novu, Canchungo

Delfina Domingos appears reserved and quiet, but she’s determined to pursue her dreams. We sit behind her family’s home, across town from the WAVS School. She tells me about the future she envisions for herself and the skills she is gaining as an English student at the school.

Her father is a lawyer and speaks English – a language that only a small percentage of people in Guinea-Bissau speak, but a skill that can open up many opportunities for those who learn it. Delfina dreams to follow in her father’s footsteps, so she enrolled in the English course at the WAVS School.

“I heard it was a good school with good teachers” said Delfina, 23, who is the eldest of four siblings. “I love the teachers here. They are patient and take time to explain everything. I also enjoy it when we study the Bible in class.”

Like many young people in Guinea-Bissau, Delfina moved to the capital after she finished high school, hoping to find work.

“I had heard of opportunities in Bissau, but I needed to speak English,” she said. “So I returned here to finish my studies at the WAVS School.”

Even though her family’s home is almost an hour-long walk away from the school, she attends every day. Delfina even convinced her neighbor to enroll with her so they could practice together.

“Everything is going well,” she said. “I am very happy with the school.  I just wish there were more teachers and more classes to help more people learn these things.”