More than a decade later, a dream fulfilled

Herb and Martha Reynolds clap during worship at Canchungo’s church on Sunday morning. In the background is Pastor Tchinda Mendes.

Martha Reynolds shakes hands with the local public high school’s English teacher at the WAVS graduation ceremony. The teacher is attending the WAVS school’s English program to improve his English.

More than a decade ago, Martha Reynolds founded WAVS with the vision of bringing hope and opportunity to West Africa through vocational training. Today, she and her husband, Herb Reynolds, are finishing up another trip to Guinea-Bissau, witnessing the results of many lengthy trips across the world, lots of financial sacrifices, and countless late-nights and long days building up the organization and raising support for their dream.

During this most recent six-week trip, the Reynolds spent time helping out with the school’s sewing program, working with the school’s new director, and participating in the WAVS graduation ceremony in early January.

During their walks across town, it’s not uncommon for the Reynolds to see teenagers who were small children when they first met Herb and Martha – and the teens still remembered how to give Herb and Martha high-fives like they were taught by the Reynolds a decade earlier.

Please join me in congratulating the Reynolds on a job well done. And pray for safety as they return to Seattle on Feb. 10.