More Than a Guard. Meet WAVS school staff: Quidam Sau

By: Jenna Harvey - Director of International Development

You may already be familiar with the faces and the names of the WAVS School’s lead teachers and administrative staff, but today I want to introduce you to a dedicated employee who works behind-the-scenes so that WAVS can carry out its mission: to equip young women and men with life-changing job skills.


Quidam Sau

Quidam Sau began working at the WAVS School in December 2012 as the head guard. His job is to coordinate with all the other guards at the school, manage the keys to the school, water the plants, keep the grounds clean and orderly, and other minor tasks such as replacing light bulbs and ensuring toilets and sinks are in working order. Above all, his main job is to keep the school a safe atmosphere where students, clients, community members and guests feel welcomed.

Quidam Sau is more than just a guard. He studied both English and computers at the WAVS school. He studied English up to level 3 and graduated from the computer course in April 2015. As a computer course graduate, he also took advantage of the New Entrepreneurs Program that the school offers and purchased a personal laptop.


Studying computers at the WAVS school.

Quidam Sau is a mason by trade and has helped the school with many masonry projects over the years. Most recently, he laid cement in two of the rooms in the welding department which previously had only dirt floors. He also built conduit boxes to bury the electric line from the main school building across the street to the welding workshop.  


Quidam Sau giving a Creole lesson to a group of U.S. visitors. 

Quidam Sau is at the school every weekday morning starting at 7 a.m.. He warmly welcomes all who visit with a large smile. Last February, Quidam Sau even gave a group of visitors from the U.S. an introductory lesson in Creole.

It truly takes an entire team to make the WAVS School what it is. We are so thankful for the work and commitment that Quidam Sau contributes to the WAVS team!