Northern Ireland parliamentarian visits WAVS school

Irish parliamentarian Ian Paisley Jr., left, speaks with WAVS school director Almamo Danfa, center, during a visit to Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau.

IAN PAISLEY JR., a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the son of one of country’s most influential politicians and pastors, Ian Paisley Sr., visited Guinea-Bissau in mid-January. He was recently appointed as the British mediator to Guinea-Bissau and was sent to participate in a peace and reconciliation conference and to speak at a special session of the Guinean government.

During his visit, he  spent a day touring the WAVS school in Canchungo where he met the school’s staff and its new director, Almamo Danfa. 

“It was a wonderful opportunity to see at first-hand the great work that has been done, not only in a practical way but in a spiritual way for the people who are in great need in this country,” Paisley wrote about his visit to the school in a letter sent to WAVS.

With your help, WAVS will continue to set the standard for creating effective change in Guinea-Bissau. We look forward to working with new friends like Ian Paisley Jr. to make this happen.