Partnering with The Navigators

My friend and mentor Okorie Kalau is the West African director for The Navigators, a worldwide Christian group that helps people with personal and spiritual development. During my trip to Guinea-Bissau, Okorie visited for one week so that he and I could further explore a partnership between WAVS and The Navigators – a partnership based on the fact that the two organizations share a common goal: To invest in people through holistic ministries.

During a gathering of twenty-somethings at the church in Canchungo while Okorie was in town, he was asked to list the countries in Africa he’s visited as part of his 30-plus years working with organizations doing community development work. It took Okorie almost two minutes – he’d traveled at least half the continent. Now Okorie is bringing his experience and knowledge to help WAVS further its work in Guinea-Bissau. He’s committed to visiting Canchungo on a regular basis and to exploring ways that The Navigators and WAVS can work together.

This partnership brings several advantages: Free consulting and advice from someone who’s helped several non-profits succeed in their missions; help from an African leader who carries a lot of influence when he speaks with the instructors and students at the WAVS vocational school; and the endorsement of The Navigators for the critical work that WAVS is doing in Guinea-Bissau.

This was Okorie’s third visit to Canchungo – and it was a great encouragement to me and many others in Guinea-Bissau. At a school assembly for WAVS teachers and students, for example, he spoke about the qualities of effective leaders and the importance of recognizing that the future of the Canchungo community rests in the hands of Guineans – not Westerners.

The partnership with The Navigators is a clear example of how organizations with common missions can work together to produce better results and further their goals.