Return to Guinea-Bissau

Three years ago, I traveled to Guinea-Bissau with Tom Crompton, a family friend and a WAVS board member. Before that trip, I must admit, I had hardly heard of the place. After meeting the school’s teachers and getting to know the Canchungo community, it was hard to leave without promising my new friends that I would someday return.
Now I get to fulfill that promise. On March 28, I’ll begin a three-day journey to Guinea-Bissau. My itinerary goes like this: Fresno -> San Francisco -> Frankfurt -> Lisbon -> Bissau. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
There are several goals for this trip:
>> Establish relationships with teachers, students, school board members and community leaders.

>> Visit non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and vocational schools in Guinea-Bissau to explore possible partnerships and learn more about how we can improve our school.

>> Help unload the container that we shipped out of Seattle in January. It’s scheduled to arrive in Bissau on March 31.

>> Interview students, teachers and others about what life is like in Guinea-

Bissau and the impact the school has had on their community. Expect to see some new videos and photos when I get back.

If you could please keep me in your thoughts and prayers during this trip, I would greatly appreciate it.