Small Steps, Big Changes

By Emily Hentschke, March 2016 WAVS Associate Director

Due to the prevalence of unjust, corrupt, and criminal actions of the government of Guinea-Bissau, the country as a whole has a poor reputation and people on the national and international level do not have much trust in its stability. The WAVS School administrative assistant Epifanio experienced this firsthand while he was studying in the Gambia. He shared that while abroad he learned “Guineans have a bad reputation for being dishonest and unaccountable because of all of the corruption and drug trading in our country.” Rather than be discouraged by this fact, he decided to make it his mission to see the improvements he was making at the WAVS school as part of his contribution to the overall development of his country. 


Over the last several years, the accounting system at the WAVS School, which Epifanio manages, has been brought up to a much higher professional standard of organization and reliability, a very rare thing in this country. When the WAVS Board members recently visited for their third year, they were thrilled with how much the system has progressed and Epifanio was thrilled with the level of accountability and integrity the school is able to demonstrate through these improvements. He sees his work at the WAVS School as a way to help better the reputation of the country and its moral business standards one small step at a time. Epifanio’s correlation between his work and the larger application it can have for his country is exactly what WAVS hopes to achieve. 

 Each improvement we make and step forward we take, creates opportunities and increases the potential of countrywide development. The life change and economic opportunity being created at the WAVS School raises the level of hope as well as the standards that the people of Guinea-Bissau can hold their country to. Central to the mission of WAVS is the belief that the work we are doing to equip and empower individual students and staff plays a larger role in the transformation of the country of Guinea-Bissau, and we are so grateful that we have people like Epifanio on our team living out that mission.