Sometimes the best gifts don't come in small packages

This Christmas, help make a real difference in the lives of these students and staff at the WAVS School in Guinea-Bissau by giving a very practical, useful gift: a pickup truck.


Thanks to a matching donation, every dollar you give will be doubled!

Between now and the end of the year, if you give $100 or more toward the Truck For Christmas Campaign, we will send you a hand-crafted bracelet or necklace made in Guinea-Bissau. It makes for a perfect Christmas gift!

The WAVS School has long relied on an aging, 1987 Suzuki Samurai to transport goods and supplies. With the growth of the school’s auto mechanics and welding programs, however, the Samurai is no longer sufficient. Help us purchase a reliable pick-up truck that will make it possible for school staff to navigate the country’s bumpy, dirt roads and transport important supplies and equipment such as welders, engines, steel bars, sheets of metal, heavy tools, and much more.


Generous donors have agreed to match every donation made toward this campaign until the end of the year – up to $5,000. Please help us raise another $5,000 to match this gift so we can purchase a pickup truck and expand our impact in Guinea-Bissau.

Remember, if you give a gift of $100 or more before Jan. 1, you will receive a hand-crafted bracelet or necklace made in Guinea-Bissau. Your gift is greatly appreciated!

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