The Good, the Confused, and the Guinea Pig: Twitter world shocked to discover that Guinea-Bissau is a country

During the London Olympics opening ceremony, the world was shocked to discover that a country called Guinea-Bissau exists. Below are some Tweets that reveal:

- Approximately 10% of Twitter users believe Guinea-Bissau is a fictitious country

- The most common word following “Guinea-Bissau” in tweets was: “WHAT???”

- 20% of Twitter users believe the Guinea Pig comes from Guinea-Bissau (for the murky origins of how the Guinea Pig really got its name, click here).

- 15% of Twitter users believe Guinea-Bissau should merge with the three other Guineas in the world – Guinea-Conakry, Equatorial Guinea, Paupa New Guinea – to save time during the opening ceremonies.

We’ll start off with The Confused:

Then there were those who want to combine all the Guineas of the world:

Then there were those who believed that the Guinea Pig must be from Guinea-Bissau:

Some tweets were kind of funny…

Finally, we had the #TeamGB cheer section (not to be confused with Team Great Britain…)