Guinea-Bissau is a country facing serious challenges. More than half the population survives off less than $1.25 each day. The public education system often fails to pay its teachers, leading to months-long teacher strikes. As a result, less than one out of four students even graduate from high school. And those that do graduate don't come away with the job skills they need to provide for their family.

The young people of Guinea-Bissau are ready to learn and succeed in life. The gift of education gives them that opportunity.

The WAVS School addresses these challenges by equipping its students with skills that translate into jobs – all while sharing God’s love through word and deed.

Each WAVS School student is required to pay tuition for the courses they take. This ensures they are committed to their education. But their tuition only covers 25% of the total cost of their course.

This holiday season, we invite you to help us train 100 students with life-changing job skills in the first semester of 2018. The goal is to raise $10,000 before the end of December to cover the remaining costs of the courses for these dedicated students.  

And thanks to some generous donors, all donations made before the end of the year will be 100% matched, up to $4,000! 

Give now and have your impact doubled!

Give the gift of Education.

Give Opportunity. Give Hope.